Eugéne Ionesco’s “The Bald Singer” is an absurd piece from 1950. Although the play is relatively old, it has great relevance for the present, and it is therefore obvious to present a newly interpreted version of the play right now. “The bald singer” is about, among other things, a lack of communication between people. To talk past one another and not be heard. I think it is an incredibly exciting angle, and as it is highly relevant to the present, I have chosen it to be my main focal point in my reinterpretation of the visual identity of the play. I have emphasized speaking to deaf ears as I believe it is something we all know about and have experienced. By giving it a humorous dispute, but at the same time arousing attention with today’s problematic dialogue, it can hopefully get people into the theater to watch the play.

I did the Visual Identity for the piece. The task is a school project from DMJX